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       Who is           Jarad Richards?

"I am dedicated to helping families live easier with their pets by restoring predictability and stability to their home."

Dog Training takes Patience, Consistency, and Persistence

Jarad Richards is a specialist in pet dog training. Jarad got an unprecedented opportunity to apprentice under the renowned James Hamm. Jarad's aptitude, patience, and talent were apparent right away. Over the next 3 years of working with the Lonestar Dog Trainer, Jarad would train more than 500 dogs. James Hamm also runs the International School for Dog Trainers (ISDT), and Jarad assisted heavily in coaching, teaching, and demonstrating for many students that came from all across the nation.

Jarad's passion for dog training lies in seeing phenomenal changes in troublesome or nervous dogs and how much a family's life can be improved with a stable and reliable dog. Through Man's Best Behaved, the goal is to seek change in the household of each dog trained. 


Jarad has seen every issue from every type of dog. With experience, patience, persistence, and consistency he helps each family to the fullest extent. Jarad was awarded certifications from the International School for Dog Trainers for Advanced E-Touch Training and as an E-Touch Instructor.

Highest Standard of Care

I put the most importance on managing my operation with consistency and integrity, allowing dog owners to know their pet is in good hands. I see it as taking care of your family member or baby. I take no shortcuts on safety and avoid risky or dangerous situations for controlled success. I, Jarad Richards, am the only person that will be caring for and training your dog for a guarunteed consistency of quality and care.

My Mentors

Jarad's mentor, James Hamm, is a past President of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). James is a spokesperson and consultant for Garmin, a leading manufacturer of dog training products. After 30 years of training dogs in the army, James studied under Martin Deeley, an internationally recognized gun dog, sporting dog, and pet dog trainer from England who was the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the IACP. Widely acknowledged as one of the top ten trainers in the world, Martin was the head coach of the United States Retriever Team. In April 2011 Martin was inducted into the International Association of Canine Professionals Hall of Fame alongside Cesar Millan. 


Enjoy life with your dog through the Freedom of Training

Man’s Best Behaved is a company ardently focused on the procurement of new behavioral standards with a functional relationship between people and our pets. People are lost without helpful guidance and good examples of how to be a good dog owner. Dogs, while generators of great joy, can also bring frustration and mayhem to a family’s home. With my prowess for understanding, training, and communicating with dogs, and the great talents of valued contributors gained along the way, this company will recognize its original dreams. Man’s Best Behaved seeks to evolve the culture of canines and establish healthy living standards for dog owners.

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Central Texas Dog Trainer - IACP certified Serving Central Texas, Austin, Waco and beyond

A member of the IACP, a non-profit organization which promotes the highest standards of professional and business practice among canine professionals.

Has experience with all breeds and challanges

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