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One Family at a Time!

Every dog trained is another family helped and another home made happy. A trained dog reinstates predictability and comfort in their owner's life. 

During Their Stay

  • Your dog will not stay in a warehouse or outside

  • We train in a home environment for better success

  • Your dog will be cared for and monitored 24 hrs/day

  • Trained at a minimum of 5 other locations for exposure and conditioning to distractions

  • Familiarize with traveling and being around vehicles

  • Encountering and ignoring distractions of all kinds to facilitate good behavior

Our Objective

We prioritize providing an easier way of life with your companion, allowing you to involve your pet more in your daily routines. Our off-leash obedience training opens up new opportunities for you and your pet. An unmanageable, erratic dog can cause disruption in our homes. By restoring control through our training, we can dramatically improve your quality of life.

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Minimum Stay in the Board & Train

Train to a Standard, not a Date!

The Board & Train Program provides 21-days in home residence where your dog is trained and cared for every day. We guarantee advanced commands with obedience on and off leash. The process applied in our Board & Train program is the most consistently successful way of achieving the life you want with your dog. While the minimum stay is 21 days, should your dog require more time to reach my standards, then there is no extra charge. Also, if your dog reaches my standards before 21 days have elapsed, then you still get the full-time you paid for!

What do we Teach?

Your Dog Will Learn to Stop

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Anxiety is a widespread issue with pet dogs. We'll give them confidence in themselves and security in the world.

Dog Running Away Scared.png

Running Away can be a persistent and difficult issue to tackle. Your dog will be prevented from running away and have recall to come back to you.

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Aggression can involve reactivity, fear, and guarding. With danger and complexity, always consult a professional.

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Jumping on People, while cute, can be a bother and unwelcome by guests.

Barking and Whining can be a nuisance and part of other problem behaviors.

The Five Primary Commands

illustrated Here command.png

Here calls your dog to you, keeping them close and safe.

illustrated Heel command.png

Heel is the new ease of walking your dog, by your side with no tension on the leash.

illustrated Place command.png

Place tells your dog to get on a bed or surface, where they are relaxed and out of the way.

illustrated Sit command.png

Sit tells your dog to rest on their haunches and stay there, waiting for further instructions.

illustrated Down command.png

Down tells your dog to lie prone and stay there, waiting for further instructions.

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