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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are E-Collars?

A. E-Collars are best described as 90% like tinge units. The only difference is you can't control the depth of the pulse, but you can control the intensity and cadence.


Q. Are E-Collars like Shock Collars?

A. No, E-Collars are not shock collars. They don't arc, spark, or burn. Shock collars are an old and dead technology which was unreliable and potentially harmful. E-Collars are electronic collars that stimulate muscle.

Q. Can an E-Collar hurt my dog?

A. If you improperly apply or use an E-Collar on your pet, you can hurt them physically or psychologically. I would never recommend that a consumer go and buy an E-Collar for their dog without knowing how to use it, and without their dog being taught how to respond to it. The E-Collar is a transition tool from me to the owner, so they can follow through with commands and have success after training. I teach the dogs how to respond to stimulation so there is no confusion. I also condition them to the feeling so they don't panic or shut down, but pay attention to the handler's instructions instead. If a person goes and uses these devices on their own, they're likely to just use them as punishment, which is also why I take several hours to work with the family in person at the end of training, so they know how to use it properly.

Q. How does my dog know to listen to the E-Collar?

A. Most of what is taught and how it's taught is through clear guidance and communication to the dog about what we're asking by using pressure on and pressure off. "Pressure" can be leash pressure, spatial pressure, or E-Collar stimulation. Pressure is applied at the correct rate and intensity for the situation until the dog begins doing it correctly, where pressure will then be relieved. The relief of pressure is the first reward and is a clear signal to the dog that they're doing what you're asking correctly.

Q. Do I have to pay for the E-Collar for the Board & Train Program?

A. The cost of all expertly chosen equipment you receive at the end of training is already included in the cost, so you don't have to go shopping yourself.

Q. How old should my dog be for an E-Collar?

A. No dog under 6 months of age should wear an E-Collar. Their brains are not developed enough before this point to calmly and reliably respond to the stimulation. For this reason and more, I don't train dogs until they are at least 6 months of age. For information about what you can do before 6 months, contact me and request information on how to raise a puppy.

Q. Will E-Collar Training make my dog Timid?

A. No, I am a professional with experience training dogs of all temperaments and the ultimate and overwhelming effect of our training is a boost in confidence and bravery and an elimination of submissive behavior. Only when used improperly will you see an imposition of fear or anxiety after E-Collar training.

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